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Truly non toxic skin care that delivers healing where it's needed

We at Natrabody have always made non toxic products even when it wasn't all the rage. Our founder and formulator, Dr. Jonn Randel has been formulating and producing products that really work from entirely natural and plant based ingredients.

Essential Oil aromatherapy taken seriously

Dr Jonn Randel has been an expert practitioner of essential oils and aromatherapy since 1979 and has studied under some of the world's greatest natural health practitioners. By using Natrabody's products you are taking advantage of Dr Jonn's accumulated Knowledge. Essential oils are very popular right now for a good reason, they can do miraculous things. Blending and the use of aromatherapy is a complex science and we take our business very seriously. Natrabody uses pure authentic grade, or therapeutic oils, minerals and high potency vitamins to generate products nothing short of miraculous. Try these amazing products -we guarantee you'll love them. That's right, guarantee, if you don't we'll give your money back. It's that simple. Sign our email list for free information and also get a sample of one our products.

Why essential oils? Why aromatherapy?

In today's culture we have become very dependent on chemicals, many people are developing problems related to toxicity levels in their bodies. Allergies, chemical sensitivity issues are all signs of this condition. When you use essential oils you are using pure plant ingredients not adulterated by synthetic chemicals. But one can argue essential oils are chemicals too and yes, they are. But they are not synthetic chemicals. The benefit here is that our ancestors have been using this science for thousands of years and have passed the technology down to us.  Our synthetic technology is only a few hundred years old, if that. Essential oil practitioners have had a long time to hone their craft and to see what does and doesn't work. By careful use and blending of these pure ingredients many problems can be avoided such as hyper allergenic cosmetics and perfume sensitivities. A person can use a lavender scented perfume and break out into a rash, the same person can use a product scented with authentic, pure lavender oil mixed in a pure vitamin E oil base or cream and not have any problems. This is because of the pure oils that nature provides, the problem lies in the use of laboratory produced chemicals with synthetic ingredients.

Professional grade products for professionals...and you, right from the manufacturer

We started out supplying our anti aging and healing creams to skin care professionals and decided to create an opportunity for the consumer to buy them direct from us, the manufacturer. In 1979 Dr Jonn a naturopathic doctor began formulating and has had a love affair with creating and researching what works. His passion has been creating natural ways to bring relief and cures for the whole body.

Anti aging and anti wrinkle preservative free creams containing no petroleum products

One of our best selling products lines is our anti wrinkle and anti aging group. Dr Jonn in his research on organic plant extracts (OPX) applied these amazing compounds to our creams and the outcome is incredible. OPX is naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and shelf stable. The use of extremely effective therapeutic grade essential oils, MSM, retinol and high potency vitamins makes on want to apply the creams right now. Among a few other ingredients, the above is about as complex as they get, so if you want simply beautiful and naturally wonderful, Natrabody is for you.

Amazingly effective plus a no risk guarantee

We know our products work and that you'll be very happy so we will stand by what we offer with a no risk guarantee. If you don't like Natrabody we'll return your money. Simple.

Where we make our product

We occupy 2 locations and all of our products are formulated and manufactured here in North America. Dr Jonn Randel has full control of formulation and manufacturing all the time at our headquarters. The manufacturing facilities are in beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and Los Angeles. Our other office is located in metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California. We have found a great deal of input on the efficacy of our products where the sun is intense and the critics are as well in the land of pretty people called Los Angeles. The rest of our nations can benefit from the exacting expectations where everyone wants to feel and look good.

Try Natrabody risk free and enjoy wholesome, healthy, dramatic results

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Truly non toxic skin care that delivers healing where it’s needed

We at Natrabody have always made non toxic products even when it wasn’t all the rage. Our founder and formulator, Dr. Jonn Randel has been formulating and producing products that really work from entirely natural and plant based ingredients.


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