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Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Packed full of retinol and potent anti oxidants. Improves skin moisture and elasticity. Prevents free radical damage and collagen breakdown. As with all, this product is guaranteed.

Natrabody’s Anti-wrinkle cream has all natural ingredients, including powerful retinol and the purest essential oils.

Healthy skin rejuvenation for men and women.

For repair after rejuvenation by the serum, provides all day protection. This plant based cream has an impressive 100,000IU of Retinol (high potency vitamin A), essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Anti-wrinkle cream erases wrinkles and protects your skin. Completely natural and without preservatives. For men and women, comes in airless pump.

Simple, natural ingredients

Compare our ingredients with theirs and you’ll find that you would much rather use this cream over almost any other cream…unless of course, you like chemicals touching your skin.

What’s in anti-wrinkle cream

Purified water, Organic Plant Sulfur(MSM), Retinol*, Co-Q10, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins D & E, Glycerol Monostearate, Nutra OPA (organic plant acids), Essential Oils.

*At the time of manufacturing we add 100,000 iu of retinol per ounce/30ml.

How to use anti-wrinkle cream

Use twice daily. Gently apply to face and neck with upward strokes. For best results, use with our anti wrinkle serum. Serum goes on first then the cream. The serum is twice as thin and twice as strong so it goes on first to penetrate deep. The thicker cream goes on next to coat and protect. Both should be used at night before bed. Your body processes the ingredients best while sleeping. Also retinol does not do well when subjected to sunlight as it is weakened.

Our guarantee applies

As with all of our products Natrabody’s anti-wrinkle cream is guaranteed. If for some reason you don’t like it, after you’ve used the product, we’ll return your money.

About Natra Los Angeles

Truly non toxic skin care that delivers healing where it’s needed

We at Natrabody have always made non toxic products even when it wasn’t all the rage. Our founder and formulator, Dr. Jonn Randel has been formulating and producing products that really work from entirely natural and plant based ingredients.


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