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Problem Skin Cream

Problem Skin Cream is for conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, rashes and itchy conditions. Also safe for pets. Problem Skin Cream Not only clears up visible conditions, it eliminates discomfort.

Skin care for Eczema and Acne are related

Both of our Acne and Eczema customers report great success with this product. You reinforce our research that some products are effective but harsh, you don't like a greasy, oily residue and you definitely don't like cortizone. Natrabody's Problem Skin Cream has herbal ingredients that are extremely effective on both conditions. Canadian willow complex and seabuckthorn combined into one cream makes it so effective. We are not oily and assure you, not harsh.

Plant based natural anti itch for eczema

This natural anti itch for eczema not only stops itching but it heals red, dry spots. Organic plant extracts kill germs and fungi while essential oils do the heavy lifting. Natrabody's problem skin cream is also a moisturizer.

Unlike benzoyl peroxide, Problem Skin Cream does not dry your skin

Acne sufferers know how BP can work but you also know how harsh it is also. Due to the effective essential oils and extracts, soothing relief is available without the harsh affect of something like benzoyl peroxide(BP). While BP is known to be effective on acne it does have a harsh astringent affect. Our problem skin cream is just as effective without the negative affects.

Here's what is inside:

Purified water, MSM (Plant Sulfur), Canadian Willow complex, Oils of Sunflower, Tamanu , Jojoba and Seabuckthorn, Glycerol monstearate, Plant Trace Minerals, Chamomile Extract, Vitamins A, D & E, Nutra OPA (Organic Plant Acids), Essential oils. No artificial fragrances, perfumes or colors. Not tested on animals. Fast absorbing natural base. Organic plant Acids; A plant based, natural preservative, bactericide and fungicide.  

Red spots and burning are not necessary

Not unusually, skin creams for acne and other problems like eczema contain  harsh chemicals that cause a burning sensation upon application as well as red spots that show on the skin surface. Due to the soothing, healing ingredients within, after the treatment your skin appearance is looks as if your skin is being nourished. Anything but stressed out and painful.

Don't forget the guarantee...

As are all of our products, this cream is guaranteed. You have no risk, if you aren't happy we will return your money. We don't expect that to happen but at least you can rest assured that we've got you covered.    

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Truly non toxic skin care that delivers healing where it’s needed

We at Natrabody have always made non toxic products even when it wasn’t all the rage. Our founder and formulator, Dr. Jonn Randel has been formulating and producing products that really work from entirely natural and plant based ingredients.


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